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Why A New Book on Currency Hedging?

Rohanna Wise

At Wise Trading Technologies, we want asset managers to be able to implement their own effective currency hedging strategy; all those involved in investment will be able to participate in global markets regardless of their level of currency expertise.

When investors participate in global markets, they take on exposure to currency markets. When an investor has investments and clients in multiple currencies, maintaining an accurate hedge can be extremely difficult with much to juggle. Hedging Wisely: A Non-Expert’s Guide to Expertly Hedging Currency Risk serves as a guide to how to choose, implement, and maintain a hedging strategy. Hedging Wisely examines issues such as an increasing interest in the impact of currency, the effect of currency on investors’ portfolios, the consequences of devaluation in China, negative interest rates, and interest in emerging markets.

Wise Trading Technologies CEO and Author Rohanna Wise has been working in trading technology and automation for the last 20 years, and is the founder and CEO of Wise Trading Technologies. Rohanna will present hedging strategies which the reader can easily use to protect themselves from risk when investing in global currency markets.