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No, You Don’t Need A New OMS To Get Better Currency Risk Management Tools

Rohanna Wise

Why wouldn’t you want a new OMS? Let’s just say we’ve been there at WISERISK. Here are just a few reasons we’ve heard that folks avoid making the switch:

“Vendor selection can get political.”
“It’s like a 3 year root canal.”
“My budget is too limited next year to have that magnitude of change.”

But for those of us concerned with hedging currency risk, this can create problems:

  • Sometimes new tools become available elsewhere, but we can’t justify a new platform for the reasons above.
  • Our current OMS provider is great, but currency features are far behind in the queue.
  • Sometimes there is no option available. A snapshot of exposure is a great company risk tool, but no current OMS provider has or plans to add what is needed.

So We Are Trapped With Our Current Spreadsheets And Post It Note Processes For The Duration Or Are We

Thanks to new cloud-based platforms and the lowered cost of developing new technologies, it is becoming easier to keep your current OMS, and yet still access tools developed just for currency management and hedging currency risk. This is where WISERISK comes in.

At WISERISK, we know these problems well, because we’ve been sitting in your seats for the better part of our careers. We have designed a set of tools that can be used with your current OMS. Even better, we understand how you need to budget and have come up with novel pricing plan structures to make ourselves the best fit possible.

Please contact us with any thoughts and questions.